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These Terms and Conditions detail how the 'Quotesin' website can be used. If you use the Website you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.



In these terms and conditions, "we" and "us" mean 'Quotesin' and is the trading name of ownership by The Emeriss LTD (Group) company number 6166042.

1. Access to the Website and content

We will endeavour to allow uninterrupted access to the Website, but access to the Website may be suspended, restricted or terminated at any time.
We reserve the right to change, modify, substitute, suspend or remove without notice any information or service on the Website from time to time.
We assume no responsibility for the content or services of any other websites to or from which the Website has links. 
2.Our service

We grant you a non-exclusive, revocable, non-transferable licence to use the software on our server to access and collect information from the websites of third party providers as permitted by use of our service.
Using our service allows you to access software on our server which you are licensed to use (as set out in clause 3) to obtain information held on our website or from the websites of third party providers. When you use the service, you may cause our software to send a request to the third party providers through our NQ System for information regarding products and/or services. You acknowledge and agree that when you access and collect information from the third party sites using our software, you do so on your own behalf and that you have not appointed us to act as your agent. We simply make our service and software available to you by which you may access such third party sites.

File Sharing

You are solely responsible for the content of all data you share or receive through the 'Quotesin' service and for all transmissions by you. Your use of the Service is subject to all applicable local, state, national and international laws and regulations. You will: (a) not use the Service for any illegal purposes; (b) not use the Service to share, upload, download or view any file, data, image or program that contains: (i) any illegal pictures, materials or information; (ii) any harassing, libellous, abusive, threatening, harmful, vulgar, pornographic, obscene or otherwise objectionable material of any kind or nature; (iii) any material that encourages conduct that could constitute a criminal offense, give rise to civil liability or otherwise violates any applicable local, state, national or international law or regulation; (iv) any code or material that violates the intellectual property rights of others; (v) any Windows temporary files of any kind (including, without limitation, any *.p or ~*.* files); or (vi) any viruses, worms, "Trojan horses" or any other similar contaminating or destructive features; (c) comply with United States and other applicable law regarding the exportation and re-exportation of any data or other materials from the United States or other jurisdictions through the Service; (d) not use the Service for any spamming, chain letters or other use that may otherwise disrupt the Service or the networks through which You access and use the Service; (e) comply with all regulations, policies and procedures of networks through which You access and use the Service; and (f) not use sharing features in a way that amounts to 'publishing' and restrict the use of sharing features to share data between friends, colleagues and business partners, in a very limited sense. (g) 'Quotesin''s service should not be used to sell digital content to others. It is not a media for dissemination of digital content for commercial purposes. 'Quotesin' may use automated procedures to detect unacceptable level of usage and the process of detection may vary from time to time, based on misuse detected. 'Quotesin' is NOT a service for disseminating large amounts of data to large number of recipients. 'Quotesin' is not responsible for any business interruptions that may be caused due to this process. Any link(s) provided through a web site or a mass email to download/upload files stored at 'Quotesin' is completely unacceptable and would be considered as violation of terms.
3. Intellectual Property

The copyright and all other intellectual property rights in the material contained in the Website, together with the website design, text and graphics, and their selection and arrangement, and all software compilations, underlying source code and software (including applets) belongs to us or our licensors. All rights are reserved. None of this material may be reproduced or redistributed without our prior written permission. You may, however, download or print a single copy for your own non-commercial off-line viewing.
All rights in 'Quotesin' are owned by emeriss Limited. Other product and company names mentioned on this Website are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.
You shall retain ownership of the data you submit to the Website. You grant us a world-wide, royalty-free, non-terminable licence to use, keep, share, save, collect, copy, distribute, publish and transmit such data in any manner.


'Quotesin' is an appointed representative of The Emeriss Ltd (Group), registered in England No. 6166042.

Nothing within the Website is, or shall be deemed to constitute, financial or other advice or a recommendation to purchase any product or service. Any and all information provided within the Website is for general information purposes only. We strongly recommend that independent professional advice is obtained before you purchase any product and/or service via the Website.

For Consumers
1. You acknowledge that it is your responsibility to select a Trade Professional/Product or Service and to negotiate the terms of any Work to be performed by the Trade Professional/Product Service Provider you have selected and that the Company makes no warranty regarding any goods or services purchased or obtained through an introduction made via its Website or the Services or any transactions entered into through its Website.
2. The Company relies on data provided by Members and Third Parties to determine which Trade Professionals/Product or Services Providers are included in the database accessible via the Website and does not recommend or endorse any specific Trade Professional or any Product/Service Provider.
3. Whilst the Company shall use its reasonable endeavours to do so, it does not guarantee to be able to find a Trade Professional/Product or Service Provider suitable for undertaking a Job whether by reason of geographical restrictions or otherwise.
4. The Company provides no guarantee that a Trade Professional or a Product/Service Provider to whom it has passed a Customer's Job information will contact the Customer.
5. The Company cannot accept any liability in respect of any contract or other agreement entered into between the Customer and the Trade Professional or of the customer and the Product/ Service Provider. In particular, but without limitation, the Company can accept no liability relating to the quality or fitness of any Work performed or omitted to be performed by any Trade Professional  or any Product/Service Provider and accordingly shall not be liable to the Customer for any occurrence resulting from the introduction of the Trade Professional/Product or Service Provider to the Customer including but not limited to any direct, indirect or consequential or inconsequential loss of any kind suffered by the Customer howsoever arising.

For Businesses
1. The Company relies on Customers to specify and describe their Product/Service requirements. The Company makes no warranty for the accuracy or completeness of any information provided by the Customer.
2. The Company makes no guarantee to refer any Jobs to a Trade Professional or a Product/Service Provider.
3. As the Customer retains the right to modify or withdraw its Job in the absence of a contract or other binding agreement with a Trade Professional or a Product/Service Provider, the Company makes no warranty as to the availability or suitability of a specific enquiry.
4. As a Trade Professional or a Product/Service Provider, you must ensure that you are legally able to tender for a Job/Enquiry. In addition, you must ensure that you are legally able to perform the Work specified in the Job description.
5. The Company is not party to any contract made between the Customer and the Trade Professional/Product Service Provider in relation to a specific Job/enquiry and accordingly shall not be liable to the Trade Professional/Product or Service Provider for any occurrence resulting from the introduction of the Customer to the Trade Professional or the Product/Service Provider including but not limited to any direct, indirect or consequential or inconsequential loss of any kind suffered by the Trade Professional/Product or Service Provider howsoever arising.

Unique Reference Code

When accepting a quote through 'Quotesin' you will receive a unique reference code between you and the service provider you accepted, this determines the right quote agreed and MUST be quoted upon contacting that specific service provider. Not using this reference code is against 'Quotesin''s terms of service and you will not gain full advantages of the quote given exclusively through 'Quotesin', furthermore not using this unique reference code may result in suspension of the site as it violates 'Quotesin''s terms of service
Memberships & Commissions
Although our membership charges may differ from time to time depending on promotional periods all registered users of 'Quotesin' must agree to the commission charges that accrue once you have been accepted by a consumer for the use of your services.

The commissions charges are as follows:-

Quote Range
Commission Charge
£50 - £99.99 
£100 - £199.99
£200 - £299.99 
£300 - £399.99
£400 - £499.99
£500 - £999.99
£1,000 - £4999.99
£5,000 - £9999.99
10,000 +

*quote prices may be subject to variable pricing upon finalisation due to hidden cost that may not of been originally considered.

5.Exclusions of liability

We use reasonable endeavours to ensure that the data on the Website is accurate and to correct any errors or omissions as soon as practicable after being notified of them. However, we do not guarantee that the Website will be fault free and we do not accept liability for any errors or omissions.
We do not monitor, verify or endorse information submitted by us or third party providers for inclusion on the Website and you should be aware that such information may be inaccurate, incomplete or out of date. In particular, we do not monitor, verify or endorse the information or quotations collected from the product and service providers as presented to you on the results page. To the extent permitted by applicable law, we disclaim all warranties, terms and representations (whether express or implied) as to the accuracy of any information contained on the Website.
We do not give any warranty that the Website is free from viruses or anything else which may have a harmful effect on any technology.
Due to the nature of electronic transmission of data over the internet, any liability we may have for any losses or claims arising from an inability to access the Website, or from any use of the Website or reliance on the data transmitted using the Website, is excluded to the fullest extent permissible by law.
Nothing in these terms and conditions excludes or limits our liability for death or personal injury caused by our negligence or for our fraud, or excludes or limits our duties or any liability under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000, as amended, ("FSMA") or any conduct of business rules developed pursuant to FSMA.
Subject to the liability which we accept above: (a) we shall not be liable in contract, tort or otherwise howsoever arising out of or in connection with this agreement or use of the Website for any indirect loss *, consequential loss, loss of profits, data, revenue, business opportunity, anticipated savings, goodwill or reputation.

* For losses that were not foreseeable to both parties when the contract was made * for losses that were not caused by any breach on part of the supplier * for business losses and/or losses to non consumers.
The clauses in 5 above do not affect your statutory rights.
Some channels will provide you with access to third party sites who will host reviews about some of the products and services available. In some instances you may also be able to access user reviews directly on the 'Quotesin' site. Regardless of whether you are transferred to a third parties site or read a user review on our site, the views expressed therein do not represent the views of emeriss Ltd or any of its associated companies and 'Quotesin' are not responsible for the accuracy of any such views or expressions.

6. Exclusion of liability for third party providers' products and services

You can apply for and buy a number of products and services via the Website. Please be aware that the majority of products and services that appear on the Website are not provided by us and are provided by third parties over whom we do not have control. You should satisfy yourself that you wish to purchase those products or services before contracting with the third parties. We accept no liability for any products or services or information provided by third party providers. The third party providers will be supplying products and services on their own standard terms and conditions and you should check that you agree to those terms and conditions before making an application for financial services products or purchasing other services.
As you view the Website there may be references to specific terms and conditions which apply to certain products or services. In such circumstances, it is your responsibility to refer to such terms and conditions applicable to those offers.

Clause 6 does not affect your Statutory Rights as a consumer.


The advertisements that you see displayed on this website are delivered by 'Quotesin'. No personal data for example your name, address, email address or telephone number are used during the course of serving our advertising, but, 'Quotesin' may place or recognize a unique "cookie" on your browser. This cookie does not collect personal data about you nor is it linked to any personal data about you. If you would like more information about this practice and to know your choices about not having this information used by 'Quotesin' then please use the contact form with subject heading *'Quotesin' Advertising* to ask any further questions.
'Quotesin' is not responsible for the content of external sites, images and external websites are copyright of their respective owners.

8.Your obligations

You warrant that you have taken all reasonable precautions to ensure that any data you submit to the Website is true and accurate and free from viruses and anything else which may have a contaminating or destructive effect on any part of the Website or any other technology.
You acknowledge and agree that you may be required to complete a registration process. This includes the creation of a password in order for you to access your 'Quotesin' account; a service on this site you may register to save and access enquiries you have made on this site and to store personal data.
You warrant that all information provided on registration of 'Quotesin' and otherwise provided by you on this site shall be true, complete and accurate. You agree to immediately inform us if your information changes.
Any password allocated to, or created by you to enable you to use the services provided by this site shall be kept strictly confidential by you. You agree to keep this password safe and not to disclose it to anyone. You agree to immediately notify us if any unauthorised third party becomes aware of that password. You agree that any person to whom your [username or password] is disclosed is authorised to act as your agent on this site. You agree to take all steps necessary to prevent unauthorised access to your 'Quotesin' account via any computer used to access your account.

Our aim is at all times to provide you with an excellent service. However, if you are unhappy with our service for any reason, please contact our Customer Services Team (Complaints Handling) at our address given above, or by our contact form or by email at:
We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint, in writing, within 5 business days and we will inform you of the name or job title of the individual handling the complaint (together with details of our internal complaint handling procedures). We may combine the acknowledgement of the complaint with our final response, but in any event we aim to resolve complaints at the earliest opportunity. If you are unhappy with any product or service that you have been introduced to through any of our channels, we recommend that you approach the provider of that product or service direct. If you require any provider's contact details, please contact our Customer Services Team who will be happy to assist you.
If we are unable to resolve your complaint through our internal complaints procedure, you may be able to refer it to The Financial Ombudsman Service at South Quay Plaza, 183 Marsh Wall, London, E14 9SR; Telephone: 0845 080 1800;; Website

You shall pay any registration fees and/or other charges incurred by you in accordance with the payment provisions set out on the Website from time to time.
Full payment for products where required on the 'Quotesin' website should be made at the time of booking, in the secure area of the Website.
Payment for other products and services will be made on the relevant provider's website or through the relevant provider’s company process.
11.Data protection

We are committed to protecting your privacy. Our privacy practices are set out in our
Privacy Policy. We may disclose your details or access your account if required to do so by law, by the Financial Services Authority, the Office of Fair Trading or any other applicable regulator, compliance monitor, Governmental or law enforcement agency.


We may terminate or suspend your access to the Website and the services within it at any time.
All disclaimers, indemnities and exclusions in these terms and conditions shall survive termination of the agreement between us for any reason.

The content of this Website is directed solely at those who access the site from the United Kingdom. We make no representation that any product or service referred to in this Website is available or otherwise suitable for use outside of the United Kingdom.
If any provision of this agreement is held to be unlawful, invalid or unenforceable, that provision shall be deemed severed and where capable the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions of this agreement shall not be affected.
If we fail to enforce a right under this agreement, that failure will not prevent us from enforcing other rights or the same type of right on a later occasion.
We may modify these terms and conditions at any time. Your continued use of the Website signifies your acceptance of such modifications.
Except as set out below in this clause, neither party may assign or transfer any of its rights under these terms and conditions without the prior written consent of the other.
Unless expressly provided in this agreement, no term of this agreement is enforceable pursuant to the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 by any person who is not a party to it.

14. Governing law

These terms and conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with English law. Any disputes shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts, to which each party submits.

15. Variable Pricing

Although we work and encourage our service providers to be as accurate as possible any quotes given by businesses through the 'Quotesin' platform may be subject to variable pricing, there may be additional charges or the accuracy of your enquiry may only be able to let the business give you an estimate and therefore should be agreed outside of the 'Quotesin' platform. 'Quotesin' is not held responsible in any way for and addition charges or variable pricing.


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